of the Future

A collaboration between UITP and KONE
envisioning the future of public transport stations



Distinct Journeys

Welcome to Stations of the Future

In this project, UITP and KONE have investigated how stations change and can be designed or adapted to best foster their essential place in our society.

This interactive 3D station brings to life the solutions identified in our study that can make stations better, more inclusive places. The solutions are associated with each stage of a passenger’s journey through the station, using journey mapping to understand the main stages of passenger experience and to identify essential touchpoints for improvement.

Are you a public transport professional?

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Interactive 3D stations

Choose your journey

Welcome to the heart of the interactive Stations of the Future. Here, we invite you to embark on three distinct journeys and explore the solutions we have identified to make public transport stations better, and more inclusive places.

Each journey explores a different route and addresses different challenges, showcasing the diverse experience of individuals navigating through a public transport station.